Thursday, September 27, 2007

altoid tin swap

this is peter punk'n eater-he was made for an 'altered altoid tin swap' for one of my yahoo groups
crazyart dolls ~the swap consisted of being partnered up with another and sending your partner all sorts of things for them to use their imagination and create a doll from the items and this is what i came up with using the stash i was sent-the color of his head looks more like an orange than a pumpkin-the camera did not pick up the shading of yellows and greens ~he's a g0ofy guy:) this was a lot of fun to do and i see more in the future:)


Amy Crawley said...

Hi Tammy,

Welcome to the Blogosphere! Peter Punk-n-eater is great. Our poly clay guild did a similar swap a few years back. We had to make a piece of art using someone elses craft materials. It was a fun way to move out of our comfort zones using materials we might not normally use.

Thanks for sharing -Amy

tammy lang said...

hi amy
thanks for visiting:)
i think i like this! hehee another way to avoid housework!
the tin swap was just great-hope that crazyartdolls makes it an annual event:)

Grace said...

Oh... how happy is he??? I'm sure he must bring smiles to all that see him!

So nice to find your blog too Tammy, I've missed you! Great to see your creations again.