Sunday, August 29, 2010

holy cow!!!!!

HERE I AM!!!!!! my oh my its been a long time!!
my computer went belly up a few months ago and finally i am back up and running!
but this tiime its on a mac laptop and i am learning as i go~it's interesting to say the least!
so hopefully you will see more of me and i of you
missed everyone LOTS!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

due to my puter being really wonky and waiting for the guy to find some time to come over and fix it looks like its going to be awhile before i can post anything :(
miss everybody!!xoxo

Sunday, March 14, 2010

thats its you little dope~i have had enough of YOU!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

this does not happen often~could it be becaue he is biting her?? more than likely ;)

the only reason they are this close in the window is because there are birds in the driveway~

elliott teases cookie constantly~but he is just a kitten 9 months compared to cookies 9 years~but i like to tell myself he keeps her young~i doubt she thinks that ;)

a few things

a lisa peters shank button made into a brooch~ the color of the button is fabulous

a big 2" Lisa Peters Art cab beaded in grey moss and copper artbeads beads
it has both pendant and brooch bail
i love this cab and it really makes a big and bold statement
it is set off center on purpose
i am slowly getting the hang of doing these and i want to try to be a little bolder with stiches~practice practice ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

~thank you~

i just want to say thank you to everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment or two
feeling better the flu symptoms have left~but still feeling icky with a cold
jeez a double whammy!!
but its nothing a lot of sleep won't cure~and a little beading here and there
hope everyone is doing well
its a dreary rainy day here in ct...sigh..i wish it was snow
don't i always :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

new brooch~using a LPA shank button~

this is a Lisa Peters Art shank button~
i was having a hard time beading around this button because of its shape~i just could not get it to sit right~being both concave on the top and convex on the bottom
it caused me a lot of frustration UNTIL i pulled out one of my trusty beading books~(thank you~YOU know who you are :D)
to refresh some ideas~ and realized i had these oh so cool artbeads toho 4mm dark plum iris squares!
the height of the beads allowed me to layer a nice wall
this is a chunky and heavy pin!
definitely made for a coat lapel
of course the brilliant color of both the button and beads just don't show~
but finally i am happy to be able to concur this beautiful button and am now waiting for more artbeads to redo the other shank button i have
still can't decide if i am going to add a fringe to it yet~
and since i have the flu right now~ yuck!!!
me thinks i will have to wait to make that decision just a bit longer ~
and a winters mess on the way for the next few days i really hope its all snow ;D

Friday, February 19, 2010

a little sunshine~

~just a reminder that it WILL be spring again
me? i can never get enough of snow and cold but i am starting to get itchy fingers and smell the smell of garden earth~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

not for the timid!!!

why yes~yes indeed that is exactly what you think it is~
up out of the storm drain at the end of the drive and has burrowed into the snowbank right under the bird feeder.....
insert very very bad words here
no this will not do!!
so the havaheart trap is set
loaded with birdseed cat food and i just read that they love chocolate too
i am loosing it over this guy being here!!
from what i understand a few miles away an old factory was torn down and they did not exterminate before tearing it down and every one seems to be having this problem
he's not a little guy either
if my idiot neighbor did not cut down the beautiful pines maybe the barn owl would be here still and mom nature could take its course~barn owls are the only owl to catch this large vermin
damn thing gives me the shivers and it has to be delt with before gardening time comes
HEY LISA~this ones for you ;D


another lisa peters oval cabs~i wish i could do them justice with my camera but not today too cloudy~and you really can't see the bead colors either...sigh...
but i am having a great time learning with the not one~not two~BUT three beading books i received for christmas this year~i need/want to be a little bolder and am taking baby steps but i'll get there :D

i wish i coud capture the real beauty of this lisa peters cab! its

a deep pink/mauve with gold swirls

i am in love with her work


while not a fan of valentines day
i know a lot of people are
so i am wishing you all a
life time of love and happiness

Friday, February 12, 2010

no i don't~

no i don't want to show you my laundry
on the drying rack!
but elliott
seems to think its some kind of ladder to
play on~and if there are wet socks he will take them one by one
and bring them into the living room beat the hell out of it and then go back for more
he is one cat so full of character :D


normally i try to keep the squrriels off the suet
but this guy was pretty determined~
how the suet is just hanging by one side of the hook?
so i watched him for awhile and decided
that if he could get it down i would let him eat what ever he wanted
it was cold and snowy so why not :D
he suceeded and ate happily

so tell me.....

does this look like 2 1/2 feet of snow to you?
no me either!!! grrr
while the east got wholloped with snow on wednesday
they told us blizzard conditions
white out blinding heavy snow
wicked wind (ok that we did have)
but we ended up with a minimal
3 maybe 4 inches????
sheesh mom nature come a little more north will you please!
ok pretty please :D