Wednesday, September 26, 2007

counting crow

this is my 'counting crow'

i created her for a 'ornie doll challenge on my yahoo group-artdolls

she was tied for 'most wonderful'

i am just tickled by sharing a win for her


Anonymous said...


I see you are getting the hang of this blogging stuff. I adore your Counting Crow, haven't found any of these dolls at my dollar stores yet.

Great Sunflower too!!!

Beadily yours
Night Beader

tammy said...

hi susan
thanks for checking this out:)
the ornies are a joy to make
i haven't seen any more of the dolls as of late either :(
that sunflower was in my garden this summer~

Maggie R said...

You got it! Good for you Tammy,
Blogging is fun.. Right?
If I didn't spend so much time on everyone elses' I could update mine!! tee hee.
See ya later

tammy said...

heheee maggie toot toot is right
thanks for your help:)

kristen said...

Love your ornie doll Tammy! I couldn't find any of these dolls, either :(

tammy lang said...

thanks kristen
they seem to be hard to find as of late.....sigh LOL