Saturday, September 29, 2007

these are coffee cozy's made by maggie robinson~for some reason i can't get her ETSY shop up??~(have to work on that)~anyway i just love them~and think they are much nicer than the cardboard ones that you get from the coffee shop~and also its fun and arty to add a little more kick to your cup of java~great way to recycle maggie~:)


Maggie R said...

Hi Tammy
Well Gee thanks for the plug! I may have to hire you as my PR Agent!!

tammy lang said...

i'll PR your art all the way:)
they would be great for a nice cup of hot chocolate too:)

Grace said...

I visit Maggie's shop often to see her latest 'stuff'. Always fun to see what she's been creating.

tammy lang said...

hi grace
nice to seee you!!
miss you popping into the group
hope you are well
thanks for visiting:)