Monday, December 31, 2007

birthday chocolate~mmmmmmm

mmmmmm a big box of lindt chocolate truffles~they are the bomb!
my fav is the white choc~from my son along with a pair of bright red croc's~i know they are ugly as all get out but just tooo comfy~my feet are starting to rebel against my love of wicked pointy toed shoes ;(
the croc's had to go back~ too big~i have stumpy size 5 feet~i can usually fit into a childs shoe~ four of my neighbors took me out to dinner for my birthday and then back to their house for homemade carrot cake~yum yum my favorite~it was a good day all around~that was saturday the 29th~i was to of been a christmas baby but i was four days late~i arrived in an ice storm~hmm maybe that explains my LOVE of winter


Sherry said...

Sending you big happy birthday wishes...belated, but I didn't know or I'd have been here sooner!!!


Noel said...

Tammy, sounds like you had a wonderful birthday...spoiled as you should be!
You were four days late and I was three months early.....yep, not suppose to be born until March...maybe that's why I hate winter so much...hahahaha!
love ya kiddo...get well soon too!

Maggie R said...

Hi Tammy,
Are you feeling better now? I hope so. Sounds like your birthday was great and WHAT........... size 5 shoe!! Were your feet bound at birth?? haha say size 9 talking... You might say I have a good understanding!!! hee hee.
I'm glad all the festivities are over with and I get my cataract surgery next Monday and then I can SEE my way clear to get some serious work done!!!!!! hee hee
BTW Did Johnny stick around until you felt better;-}
All the best to you my friend..