Thursday, December 20, 2007


ok since i was tagged twice ~once by maggie and once by sherry :D
i am going to combine them both~12 things about me and christmas and 7 random or odd things too :D
ok here goes~
1-i was to of been born on christmas day but arrived on the 29th instead~during an ice storm
2-i came home from the hospital in a big red stocking~have to ask mom if she still has it??
3-christmas stockings were my favorite thing christmas morning~always had an orange in the toe~amoung other things
4-my grammie knit all the family stockings~ all her grandchildren and great grandchildren -their husbands and wives -i will have to do the math and try to figure out aprox. how many she did before she passed away-my aunt then took on the traditon-pic's later :D
5-i am 46 and have never been married-engaged twice-but that was close enough :D
7-i am one of six children third oldest-3 boys and 3 girls~ soooooo NOT the bradys!!!!
8-i can throw rocks and pinch you with my toes-giggle giggle
9-i love to ride in the car aimlessly forever -must of been a dog in another life:D
10-i find much peace and serenity at the ocean~but can't swim worth a darn~can't float either~i sink like a stone??
11-snow in the air and on the ground are a MUST for christmas
and #12~i find the most pleasure in life's little things~ RAK"S~handmade gifts~ the laughter of my 27 year old son and when my 75 yr old dad gets a good case of the giggles~the gifts of mom nature are a blessing~ i am not impressed by expensive price tags~
well there you have it ~ i know there is more just not enough coffee or time this morning:D
have a great day all


Sherry said...

Love all these bits and, tell me, do you like "LIKE" snow or do you "LOVE" snow?!? :)

You can pinch and throw rocks with your toes?!? Girl you amaze me!!

tammy lang said...

hey sherry
i am a fool when it comes to snow
heheeheeeeeeee pinching and throwing rocks with my toes makes my parents proud VBG
thanks for tagging me-its such a busy time for all right now-off to wrap presents-hope i have enough wrapping paper!!