Sunday, December 2, 2007

LET IT SNOW-this ones for MARQUE

ahhh being such a fool for snow~
i had to make this angel in the first snow of the season~
ok so she's a bit wonky~
its 29 degrees here and i was still in my flannel pj's
and let me tell ya that drive way was C O L D~
SHIVER~~~this ones for you marque:)
wishing to get enough for a snowman~
but that dosen't look
like its going to happen~
turning to rain :(


Phyl said...

You are such a snow nut! THat's a beautiful snow angel; how did you get her wingspan so neat and crisp?
I hope we get some snow this year instead of the usual sleet/hail/freezing
rains.Now go get out of those flannel p.j.'s and put on lots of clothes if your temp is 29 there!

tammy lang said...

hey phy
the wings are so nice and crisp cause i was flapping them like crazy-i was freezing heheeeeee!!

Sherry said...

snow angels in your flannel pjs?! You are a die hard snow lover've had been lost in the snow here from last time...put your coat on!!! :)

Gypsy said...

Ohhh, I am SOOOO Jealous, Tammy!

Maggie R said...

You ARE a snow angel in disguise!!!! You gotta be to love that white stuff the way you do....
We had a serving of it too but now it's raining!!!!!!!!!
Worse to come .
Maggie in the great white north!!

Beadin' Gram said...
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Beadin' Gram said...

You're a nut -- in jammies?????? Now I would do it in my down jacket, lined jeans, boots, mittens, hat and scarf --- and maybe a hot water bottle stuffed inside my sweater -- seriously, I too love the snow -- the little we had was gone in 24 hours -- just wet, cold and windy now. DARN!
Stay warm, kiddo.

Mary said...

Tammy I have only just realised how the snow angels are made ...and in your PJ's, are you mad..?! no need to answer that LOL

tammy lang said...

hi girls
yep mad as a hatter-heheheheeeeeeee
i was tooo excited to get dressed!!
and that was all we had:(
i will take all the white stuff i can get-over heat and stupidy any time:)
now we are covered in ice-which has its own beauty-dangerous but beautiful:)
BTW that one is for marque in Az.

Wild Rose said...

You're braver than I am to go outside dressed like that!

Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck.