Thursday, December 6, 2007

star bright

heres star bright~that i made for mary s in austraila~ we did a one on one swap~ i received 'polly' and she received'star bright'
i enjoyed doing every stich and bead in star bright for mary~
you know when it comes together easily-and just flows for you?? i think that is love coming straight from your heart to your finger tips :)


Maggie R said...

What a beautiful piece Tammy.... Lucky Mary:0)

tammy lang said...

hi miss maggie
and thank you!
thanks for stopping in:D

Mary said...

Starbright is just gorgeous..I love her! On the back is another little tile that says 'friendship' oowwww isnt that nice.
Starbright is currently on display with some other beaded dolls in a showcase at our local she's famous now ;)

tammy lang said...

hi mary
i am tickled that star bright is making her aussie debut!!!
i so enjoyed making her for you:D

Pat Winter said...

This star is magnificent Tammy! Wow! Lucky Mary!!!!