Monday, January 14, 2008

treasures in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh look how wonderful!!!
a printed on fabric child image~
threads and beads and sequins~
fabric for backing~
and a wonderful smelling bag of lavender for stuffing~
all these are for making neat little ornaments or sachets!
these came to me from Pat Winter believe pat sells these little kits~this was a give~away on her blog
what fun!!
can't wait to play
many many thanks Pat!!!


Maggie R said...

Tammy you are the luckiest gal!
What a lovely parcel of goodies to have fun with..
Should keep your mind off the snow!! hee hee

Mary said...

lovely little package of goodies you have there.. now get busy!!

Noel said...

Snow and goodies all in one day....boy oh boy you must be a happy camper today....hehehe!
Now let's see you put it all together!