Sunday, February 10, 2008

little valentine sachets......

mmmmm lavender filled sachets for my nieces~a little bit of beading some barely there shimmer floss outlining the wings~and they smell oh so goood~too cute to put in their pillows really~i was going to add some beaded fringe but that would only tangle up in their pillows~sweet dreams.....


Maggie R said...

Oh Tammy these are darling, You are such a good Aunt ;-}

Gypsy said...

Yes, she sure is!
And I got my PIF today- what a beauty...I seem to remember someone having trouble with this? You sure got a handle on it, Girl!
Pics on my blog tomorrow..

Phyl said...

These are darling little
sachets! You are a great

tammy said...

hi girls
i am enjoying making these :)
and you just can't beat the smell of lavender!
i hope my little nieces-10 and 6 enjoy them-one is horse crazy-so i need to find horse clipart!

Mieke said...

Ohhh this is beautifull!!!