Sunday, February 24, 2008

murder of crows

ok i don't know how many crows make a murder~but heres two that i have been having a ball making~the pink winged one has rough edged fabric that i added polka dot ribbon to-and a shiney red bell to its neck~that is a piece of lace on its breast as is the flower on its tail sent to me from mary in OZ~thanks mary~the flash washed out the beautiful hand dyed color that mary did~
the other one is copper foil for the wings and heart and tail feathers with some fibers added and what a crow without pearls?? :)~doing these crazy crows has been too much fun for me~patterns from the Cloth Paper Scissors Nov/Dec 07 issue~and the fun that sammy at got me moving to get some done :)


Mary S said...

well stone the crows !... which in Aust speak doesnt actually mean to go out and stone crows, but to be enthralled and delighted... :-) these look like such fun Tammy and those copper wings are great...and stitched too, dont tell me you cant use a machine!

Maggie R said...

Well Now you have something to CROW about Tammy!! hee hee.
Mary stole my line...."Do I detect the use of a sewing machine??????????????"
Well way to go girl.... I LOVE these crows..... They are really cute.. Nice job..

MoonRae said...

These are too cool!! I have this fascination with crows, there are Mexican blackbirds(Grackles) here but they aren't the same. Glad Sammy talked you into making those,love 'em

Noel said...

Tammy, you mush have a flock of crows! Is there such a thing as a flock of crows? I love how you have dressed each one up...great embellishing!!!
See I'm here blogging again after a month of being absent....I'm enjoying everyone elses I'm not getting mine caught up...oh well...hehehe!

Mieke said...

Love the crows!!!!