Tuesday, March 11, 2008

winters slumber is almost over.......

i guess its time i stopped whining about our lack of winter here iin the east~ok I heard that!! who said IT"S ABOUT TIME??? VBG
here is what a part of the garden looks like without any snow cover~i don't know which looks sadder~when the first frost hits~or this look? waiting~
i am so tempted to get out there and rake away last falls leaves and clean up last years growth~but march is too fickle of a month here much too early to expose the beauty of what's waiting underground~and i want to prune that rose bush in the pic~ i do see new shoots around the bottom of my huge daisy patch and also around the sedum-the hyacynths are getting taller too~ i know if i moved leaves i would find morebut with a chance of snow flurries tomorrow i will leave well enough alone.....

1 comment:

Noel said...

Love the garden ornament....oh happy day spring is almost sprung....lol!
Hope that snow doens't harm what's there trying to be born!