Monday, March 3, 2008

BAD WORDS @%*&^@@@#

dAMN blogger i have been trying to post a pic of a package that cathie at www. sent me and being on dial-up and the puter being 'wonky'it has taken me over 10 min to get ONE pic to go when it finally did and i wrote what i wanted to go with the pic and i hit 'publish post' blogger told me there was an ERROR!!!
grumble grumble-ok enough of this today i am going to take my sorry self out for a walk nice almost 50 degree day and this girl can use some fresh air......later ;)

1 comment:

MoonRae said...'ve got to go read my post from yesterday
what is it about you,me and our blogs???? DIAL UP boo hoo
At least you can post pics