Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i needed this

i needed this today~a pic of one of my sunflowers from last year~rainy and damp here~can't wait to get my fingers in the earth again~i have sunflower seeds and zinnia seeds to buy yet~and still have to clean up the garden from the winter but with all the rain we have been having and i have foot surgery on friday~yes i get to wear that oh so sexy velcro boot ;) it's going to keep me from getting in the garden for awhile~i am ready for the colors of the coming seasons ;)


Clevelandgirlie said...

That is quite an impressive sunflower. I do believe I have "sunflower envy." Mine are big -- but the color on that superb. You should have sent that picture to me - I could have actually duplicated that one with the purple flowers around it.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I just looked at this picture again - it looks like he's getting ready to give a "high five!"

Hey - what are those purpley thistely thingies?? I like those.

Phyl said...

......you poor dear!What foot surgery do you have to have this Friday?Will move you to the TOP of my prayer list...hope it goes well and think of the beading you can do while it's healing!!

MoonRae said...

Where the h#ll have I been??? What foot surgery?? Lots of white light and love comin' to ya sweetie

kristen said...


This gorgeous flower needs to be beaded-and the photo should be framed as it is truly a blast of summer sunshine!