Tuesday, April 15, 2008

monets waterlillies.....

cathie at http://www.clevelandgirlie.blogspot.com/ and i did a swap awhile back~i made her a beaded pen with hearts on it and she sent me a wonderful sun flower wall hanging(see older posts) based on a pic that her daughter sabrina painted and won several first place awards for! sabrina liked cathies pen~so as a thank you to sabrina for her inspriation i made her a beaded heart pen also~and this is the beautiful thank you card i received from sabrina~its monets waterlillies!! done in oil pastels( i believe)~thank you sabrina!!-it now hangs on the wall next to the sunflower from your mom~this was definetly a wonderful swap with both cathie and sabrina both mom and daughter are full of talent :)


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Oh, Tammy how sweet of her to send you this lovely note card. Very pretty. and your beaded pens are very neat too. Hugs Judy

Noel said...

tammy it's beautiful. how thoughtful of sabrina. mom definitely passed on her art gene to her daughter.
glad to see you posting again...missed you.