Monday, April 21, 2008

what is this........................??

while it may look like just a pile of clumps and dirt~there is beauty in there~my neighbors daughter bought a new home~and didn't like what was coming up in the yard~plus they want to have rolled sod put in~so here we have a dump truck full of bulbs sitting in my driveway!!~so far i have spotted~tulips~ daffodils~day lilies~and peony's~ so after i plant my sunflowers and morning glories in starter pots for the garden~i will sit in the dirt and sift thru all the clumps and see what is revealed~ what i find will be planted~altho they will not bloom this year it will be worth the effort to see what is yielded next year~to me? it will be a good day :) did you click on the animal rescue site today??


PHyl said...

You lucky duck!All that wonderful dirt and free bulbs!Hee, hee!Please don't get that foot in it!
And YES, I clicked on the
animal site 6 times!Thanks

Maggie R said...

Oh Tammy,
Every day a new experience!!!!!
You will have a ball with all this..... and yes as Phyl said watch the foot!!!!! Hope you are mobile by now!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hey Tammy, I would be Happy to go hunting with you in your pile of dirt. Have fun, I hope you find lots of wonderful bulbs to plant in your garden. Hugs Judy

Gammie said...

Oh, dirt to play in. Those bulbs will be even more beautiful because they were given to you. Have fun with them.


Pursuing Art... said...

You lucky girl...If I was close, I'd love to come over, sift through, and sort those bulbs with you! Have enjoyed doing that many times in my yard! Hard work now, but next year and the following you will be glad you took the time to save them and you will treasure what you sow! ;-))

P.S. Yep...a couple times!!!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh man!!! Nothing more appealing than a big pile of dirt with lots of little treasures hidden inside. Wish I lived closer - I'd come over and help you. What fun!!!!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi girls
this gift of earth has been a lot of fun to play in!! i tended to look a lot like 'pigpen' when i called it a day yesterday-still lots more to do-but it is so worth it to me-and hidden in there?? a toad :)
enjoy your day