Wednesday, July 23, 2008

on our way home................

very dark scan of a atc called~on our way home~finally getting some t&l storms and rain glorious rain!!
and some relif from the wicked hot and humid weather too! how long its going to last~well thats anyones guess :)


Pursuing Art... said...

Sweet...pedaling...and on our way home!!! Reminds me of a few rides we took on a bicycle built for two...out and about and on our way home!

Oh...doesn't the coolness after the heat feel wonderful! The T&L sound exciting from here and the word 'RELIEF' from the heat sounds refreshing too! I hope, for you, that it is going to last! All you girls in the East, Mid-west, and South...could really use a break!!!
And...I don't know how you all DO IT!!! I'd C R O A K! ! ! ;-)

Hugs friend,

~Lisa ;-)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tammy, We have not chatted in awhile. Miss Ya. Love this photo. Can you believe we were indudated with rain in June and NON in July. Today it is storming thank goodness. Hope you are doing well this summer. Hugs Judy