Friday, September 26, 2008

long time friends..pets...and chemo...

here's a pic of my dad~center~ in 1943
and his two childhood friends~
bob~on the left and his brother~ernie~on the right
dad and bob are both ten
ernie is eleven~
once or twice a month dad and ernie and another childhood friend~ sonny~ meet up for coffee~
can you imagine having friends that you have known for over 60 years??
this is such a fav pic of mine they are all holding pets
dad has more chemo starting on monday~
three days a week ~every three weeks.... :(


Pursuing Art... said...

What a great picture! It is so cute that they are all holding pets!!! Your dad was a handsome young boy too!

I can't imagine having friends that you still meet up with and you've known for sixty years!!! Wow...that is incredibly special and oh so cool!

My thoughts will be with you again this coming week!!!

Sending you a heartfelt hug...~Lisa ;-)

Mary S said...

lovely photo of your Dad with his friends. you were saying that was the only photo you could find. they didnt take a lot of photos back then, somebody must of been lucky enough to own a box brownie to take that pic. I have no photos of my mother at all as a child and only one of my Dad.
I do wish your father all the best for his treatment Tammy.