Wednesday, September 3, 2008

doesn't look like much...........

on my yahoo group paperimagerydesigns this weeks challenge is to make painted paper backgrounds-right now this looks like something my cat hacked up!!
-but once its cut up into atc's i hope its better!
such an easy technique to do
any color tissue paper
2-3 different color acrylic paints
a credit card
large garbage bag
randomly squirt the paint over the tissuse paper and then use a credit card to swipe and smear and taaa daa art!
let the paper dry on the garbage bag and then peel off slowly
yes the tissue paper will rip-just cut around it or use it :)
but for some reason the t.paper keeps the paint from becoming muddy 2-3 colors are best any more than that and they will blend and become a whole nother beast..... ok off to cut it up for atc''s and see what i come up with :)


Blake said...
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Pursuing Art... said...

Okay...that was me above! Got done and BLAKE SAID....!!!!!!???!??!! Son is definitely home and obviously signed in to HIS GOOGLE account on our computer!!!

You are too funny! A minute ago it was to line a bird cage but even funnier that the cat hacked it up! LOL!!! You must be on line right now!!! No way! What a cool and easy idea for making paper. Can't wait to see the atc's you make with it!

Love the new header picture! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi lisa
the paper is oh tooo easy!!
tahnks for stopping by
i have to send you a email and soon
enjoy your day