Tuesday, September 16, 2008

glad i saw them before they saw meeeee!!

woa this is what greeted me this morning!!!! it wasn't there yesterday! its about the size of a bowling ball.....paper wasps maybe?? it sits in the tree that holds up one end of the clothes line and the clothes will stay out there until the men come to remove it!!!!-i am petrified of being stung last time i passed out-i am not allergic but had a bad experience when i was about six when i stepped in a yellow jackets nest- off to the emergency room for me-some shots and pills and still to this day i loose my marbles when there are bees/wasps like this-i do have to say it is a very cool work of mom natures the pattern of the nest is so beautiful and wouldn't mind it being left there but at this time of year with the cool weather starting they will get VERY aggresive ....a few years back there was a massive one in the maple tree in the front of the house but they were the really nasty white faced hornets buy the time it was removed maybe 3or 4 hours after seeing it the thing had grown to the size of a basket ball....and yes that black spot is a wasp near the hole-thankfully i could zom in with my camera without getting very close and then zoom in even farther with my photo program.....shiver......


Pursuing Art... said...

Yep...there you go...the size of a basketball! Isn't it amazing!!! The nest does look cool but I don't care for wasps either! The yellow jackets are just beginning to get nasty now here too! It's the time of year that we don't like sitting outside and eating anymore!!!

Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

Anonymous said...

WoW!!! I am glad I am not there to see that or be near it. That's just too scary. lol