Saturday, September 27, 2008

rain and roses...
isn't this sad?? how i will miss summers bounty come january!!

ahhhhhhhhh this one is still looks good!! a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch with some stew perfect for this rainy day :)

its another day of rest for me hmm i am thinking its not the weather that is making me want to rest on the sofa...


Mary S said...

theres still a few good looking tomatoes there Tammy, pick them, and I love the rainy day rose photo.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh, I thought I was alone!

Peeking at Jeff's garden over the weekend I could still smell the bittersweet aroma of the tomato vine,

BUT the drippy droppy tomatoes left were such a ...


Heyyy maybe we could f'gure some way to make this a Halloween display?????????


Have a great day Tammy!

Anonymous said...

How sad to see Summer end...pretty soon that dreaded white stuff you love so much will be falling. Remember to wave snow wand up and down and not side to side.

Take care,

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, don't you just hate it when they are dwindling down! We are still getting some but I don't think for too much longer!!! It has been raining and is getting down to about 35 tonight. The frost I'm afraid is on its way.

Enjoy them while you can!

~Lisa ;-)