Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i know i know there hasn't been any art posted lately~
my muse has gone on hiatus
but there are a few things that need tending to first~
putting the garden to bed~
fall cleaning~
dealing with dads leukemia~he will be going every three weeks for three days of chemo~doc thinks it looks good tho!!
not a cure but remission~ :)
and in this beautiful weather i just find it toooo hard to stay in the house............oh and i forgot to mention that i have SIX rose bushes to plant!!
but more on that later :)


Pat Winter said...

Tammy, you have a lot on your plate which needs attention first, so no worries. Post when you have the time and feel the urge. I hope your dad is comfortable.

Tend to your garden and be at peace while doing so. Drift off to that special place where you are smelling the earth and have blissful sunny thoughts.
I love the cat and mouse image, very cute!
Thanks for the birthday wishes,and such sweet comments to make my head swell and heart sing :-).

Tammy said...

What a funny image. It made me chuckle. Thanks for that. Your dad is a lucky man to have as loving a daughter as yourself. I wish him well. Keep your spirits up. Th roses make me envious. I planted 2 the first year we moved in and they both died. ;( I have always wanted to have an arbor with lovely pink or red climbing roses, but no, not yet. One day. Maybe you have a tip or two to share about the planting bit.

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi girl
thanks for the kind words :)
dad is doing pretty good with the chemo-just a lot of fatigue-but thats ok!!
i have two more rose's that need to go in this week-its been close to 30 at nite-yikes- :)
enjoy your day

miss magpie-pixie said...

hey girl !

Thankyou for the supportive words - they mean alot - from my friends here in blogland

I love the photo - with the mouse in the air ! ;o)

I read further down about your dear dad- i`m sending good wishes and thoughts for you all - and that he`s back to feeling good as soon as he can .
You have other things to take care of besides creating - it will come back to you soon


Pursuing Art... said...

I agree too, your plate is full right now and I think it is good for you to get outside while you still can and enjoy the cool fall weather! Always does the heart and soul good to work in the yard! I think this weekend, I'm going to start cutting back some of my plants too!

Don't worry about your muse, she will be back!

Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tammy, I reckon we all go through a bit of laspe in being creative. I reckon being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather and working in your gardens will sparke some creative juices in the future.There is no place more lovely than New England in the Autumn. Hope your dad's remission will last a long time. Hugs Judy