Tuesday, December 9, 2008


damn weather men!! yesterday they said a 'big snow storm ' was on the way friday~now its rain....over 4inches of it -which if it was snow it would of meant over 4 feet!! how nice to have a job where you can be soo totally wrong and not get fired!
such disappointment for this lover of snow
time to take out my magic snow wand (thank you maggie) and give it a good wave around in the back yard!! :)


Pursuing Art... said...

Get that magic snow wand swinging Tammy! For you and for me! There is a big cold front headed our way on Friday and through the weekend and into next week! They say we might be getting SNOW!!! But the weather man has been wrong before! I can relate to the disappointment...totally! Just need to wrap up the x-mas shopping and hit the grocery store. Would LOVE IT if it snowed this weekend!

Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

Pat Winter said...

Tell me about it. I was driving in rain most of the day...yuck! Now it is ice!!!!
I think weather forecasters should get by how many times they are correct.But then we wouldn't have any weather people right? :-)
Anymore, I just plan the day when I get up and actually see the weather conditions.
Keep making beautiful things!
Hugs Pat

Gammie said...


Up and down, not around with that snow wand. Please remember.

How are ya doing?