Friday, January 30, 2009

diamond snow!
ok that icicle is cool but look at the snow piled
up behind it-oh i am the happy girl this winter :)

no picnics out there today~shiver~

driveway ice~hey where's the icemelt??


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I see the diamond glint of snow and that IS a fine icicle! The tiny bit of snow (2+") we had is melting. You are getting a "real winter", that's neat!

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Tabby!

These pictures are wonderful:)

Glad you popped by for a visit. I hope Jordan had a great birthday! That cake looked sinful!



Mary S said...

Nice pic of Jordan Tammy...pity you werent in the shot too...aawww it looks cold!!

Pursuing Art... said...

Look at that pile of snow girl!!! Wow!!! Love the Diamond snow shot! I'm so glad you are still getting snow your way!!!

Sending you a warm heartfelt hug...~Lisa

P.S. Do you know your friend Mary dropped by my blog and left a lovely comment. I am behind, but I am going to visit her blog today and thank her! ;-)

Pursuing Art... said...

OH...P.S. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shawdow this morning and I bet you are! ~me

Anonymous said...

Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more snow and more snow and more snow....When ya gonna let it end? I HATE


Carolyn said...

Perhaps we should call you the snow queen ! ?

Enjoy your weekend - and the snow even more !

artandtea said...

Hi Tabby,
Great winter photos! The ice and snow is so pretty, especially in the sunlight. As pretty as it is though, I am SO ready for spring to arrive! lol
Be well,

Tammie Lee said...

You captured diamonds in the snow!!!