Saturday, January 24, 2009

a little of what i have been doing..........

i have been soldering!
these are 1x1 charms
the pics are not the best
can't seem to find the right setting
on my camera for them and scanning them
just did not work
some have a black patina over the silver solder
i love the size and the weight of them
but its practice practice practice!!
solder does have a mind of its own
double clicking the second pic shows them best :)


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Lovely Tabby, you've been busy. That lady in red is one of my fav images!

Chrisy said...'re multitalented...and they look fab...u might have to whip up a lightbox to photograph them...

Phyl said...

I love your little soldered charms! Don't you love playing with the hot liquid?!You're doing nice, smooth work on the edges, my dear!

Cleveland Girlie said...

Is there no END to what you will do? Soldering. Hmmm. When you get a chance, tell me about that. I have a soldering iron and some copper tape. What else do I need to make something like this? these are sew cute! I can see making fibery things and laying it between glass and making little "quiltie" charms. Also, Those lily photos - ART QUILT. I'm just getting ready to embark on a new art quilt of epic proportions to enter into the North Carolina Quilt Symposium. I'll have to look around your site - for inspiration and maybe ask your permission to use one of your photos!?!! Hope you are well, happy and enjoying LOTS of snow.

Cindy said...

Love these creations Tabby! Very cool!

Pursuing Art... said... you sleep?????????????????? I can't believe I'm this far behind or you are having a field day posting!!! LOL!!!
OMG, I wish I was as good as you are girl! I think I need to add some stuff in-between my beady things on my blog!?!!! I know what you are going to say...~smiling~!!!

I think these are so cool! How did you get the patina to turn black? I like the silver and the black! These are awesome! What are you going to do with them???

Sending you a big heartfelt hug...~Lisa

Pursuing Art... said...

Oops...almost left without hitting the paw button! ;-)