Sunday, January 18, 2009

what a beauty....

ok i am late in posting this~
it is a fabric birthday post card
made by my sweet friend mary
over in austraila
i love it!!
the colors stitches and of
course the bird little sequins
and leaf beads~
many thanks mary
it is to be treasured always :)


Lynn said...

A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Happy belated birthday!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Tammy...this postcard is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the bird and texture from the yarn and beads!!! YUM!!! What a treasure you received from Mary!!! I know you will cherish has your name written all over it girl!!!

I hope you have a nice weekend and are staying warm!!!

xo~Lisa ;-)

P.S. I'm swinging by to click the feed button again...reminder to swing by and visit me too!!! ~wink~!!