Sunday, February 15, 2009

a good day

this guy was having a good day in the neighbors yard yesterday~
lots of crows lately~
i love everything about them :)
(notice the icky snow banks-i hate the dirty look of them )


Meg said...

Hello Tabby,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I just love yours. It is so...I don't know! Left-brained! I love it. I'll be back for beauty, heart, and inspiration :)

Pursuing Art... said...

LOVE the crow, too, love everything about them. I just got some crow shots too. We have fir trees around us and every now and then *a lot* of them congregate on the top of the tree and squawk and squawk and I always say they are having another *community meeting*!!! ;-)

They are always chasing off the hawks too and letting the birds and wildlife know that danger is around...they are very cool birds! xo~me