Saturday, February 21, 2009

'honey, i'm home~whats for dinner'?
'why newspaper soup of course'
(more on this later~i hope)


Cindy said...

are you making paper? I did this a couple weeks ago with one of the kids - we had a lot of fun with it and found that the advertisements made really cool color spots in the paper (yes, it was the first time we'd done it so we were very excited with spots!).

Have a great weekend! wave that snow wand for me, they're calling for another dusting tomorrow morning!!! please I hope it's more!

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare wave the snow wand! I think its about time someone made you a Spring breeze wand. Maggie - how about it?

I've heard of bead soup (I create fantastic dishes of them), but newspaper soup? Hmmmmmm, paper makings?


Pursuing Art... said...

Hmmmmmm...I know that soup is going to taste wonderful!!! ;-)