Friday, February 13, 2009

i spotted this oh so cool tree the other day on the way to the P.O.
i don't know what type of tree it is -who cares-
its a beauty almost ghostly
wonder if boo radley lives near by???
enjoy your day :)


Anonymous said...

Love your birds on the wires banner!! That tree looks like the ones in The Wizard of Oz - when you turn your back - it'll throw something at you!!! Or whatever lives inside of it will leap out!!! LOL

Clevelandgirlie said...

Love this picture of the tree. I imagine it's soul traveling in and out of that hollow when the moon is full.

Phyl said...

What a gorgeous tree!I think it's a sycamore; do
the limbs up high get whiter the farther they reach?And does the bark peel off (if you pick at it)at the bottom?Love the little hidey-hole that I'm sure some wild critter is using for shelter this winter!

Pursuing Art... said...

It's a beauty and ghostly too! Really cool tree. Wonder who is living in that hole!?! xo~me

Maggie R said...

I Love this tree...
The big hole looks like the tree is yawning....Old and Tired I guess..... Like the rest of us!! giggle giggle