Sunday, February 15, 2009

this is fun!!

and thes lovelies flew in from austraila!! from my sweet friend mary
some metal wings~i am now wearing the smaller ones as earrings :)
and one of her wonderful 'bundle babies~a mermaid
thank you mary
thank you all for making my day :)

these arrived from nancy at just for entering her OWOH give away!!
a beautiful red heart card (the heart is a heart shaped rock!) and a neat wintery tree mounted on canvas board with a map ~many thanks nancy you made my day also :)

while i am not a big fan of valentines day~these arrived to make me smile :)
cathie from sent me these valentine's this year!!
the oh so funky quilted square (not its not crooked-its
my scan!) a nice hand written little card and a great atc!
much better in person~cathie suggested i hang the quilted square from a tree branch-i love that idea
i wish you could see the wonderful colors better
many thanks cathie :)
x's & o's


Lynn said...

Wow - you were quite the lucky girl today! Enjoy your goodies

nancy said...

so glad they arrived and glad you enjoy them, nancy

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh you LUCKY...LUCKY GIRL!!! I know these made your day!!!

The mermaid bundle baby from Mary is wonderful! Great idea to use the smaller wings for!

And you won a OWOH giveaway...The heart card and tree from Nancy are beautiful! I collect heart rocks!

The heart quilt and ATC from Cathie are beautiful! She is a sweetheart! It would look lovely hanging from a tree branch!!!

You GOT *BEAUTIFUL* MAIL girl!!! Don't you just love great mail days...

Hugs to you....~me