Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just a few signs of spring~

the arrival of mocking birds~

the mob!! (ignore the neighbors house)~their lawn was full of starlings~red winged black birds and grackles~i call them the mob when they show up~they take over the bird feeders~splash in the bird bath 4 or 5 at a time till most of the water is gone and make a huge racket~then they all take off in one huge swarm of birds

blatant thievery of pussy willows brought in the house and forcing the catkins out~

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Pursuing Art... said...

Great bird shots!!! We have starlings too...the! I'm not sure about grackles though?!

Blatant thievery of pussy willows...~SMILING~...were you thieving during the day or during the night? Don't you just love them!!! We've have a pussy willow tree and I missed snipping some branches this year! :(

I always thought we could make some willow furniture or stuff one day...and we haven't yet! The tree is probably 35 ft high now!