Friday, May 22, 2009

inside wanting o u t!

almost ready to burst~

mmmm iris that smells like grape lollipops~

beautiful columbine~


Pursuing Art... said...

Isn't that Cookie?!! Oh, mom...can't she come out with you for a little while? She wants to feel some sunshine on her bones too and smell those flowers! ~wink~

Gorgeous irises and beautiful columbine! I just took a picture of mine too! It's been 4+ weeks since I posted on my blog and I was thinking it might be time to say hey...I'm still breathin'!!! I AM the WORST...think I may have to claim that AWARD too! ;-)

Thanks for sharing what is going on in your world and your great photos too!!!

XOXO ~me

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Tabby ~ as I was posting my birdie tea post I thought of you :) how sweet to receive your nice comment as I was making my way to visit you :) Lovely flower pics and your kitty kat is so cute!
Your paint colors sure are beautiful too! Nothing like a nice fresh coat of paint to lift the spirits....well unless it's flowers ;)