Saturday, December 12, 2009

and so it goes...

the droning sound of chain saws early this morning
gone are three huge pines~whispering pines~as my mom would call them
why?? just because he could~
not mine-they were my neighbors altho they lined the fence seperating the property line-on his side
gone is~
their majestic beauty-
the way they whispered in the wind
shelter for the birds-tufted tit mice-chickadees-robins-cardinals-and barn owls hunting mice
a place for the squirrels to live and store their winter stash
a place to hang the bird houses
cool shade in the summer heat
a bit of privacy
gone is mother natures beauty and my view now is of some houses and cars and man
and the reason-just because he could
sadness prevails...


m. heart said...

Oh no. I know this feeling all too well. Recently new neighbors who are renting the house next door moved in and immediately cut down a giant white pine that was technically on our side of the border. It used to provide a good privacy block between the edge of our field and their house. Plus it was a perfectly good, living tree!

All I can suggest in this case (and what I will probably do as well) is to plant a nice thick row of Silky Dogwoods. They very, very quickly grow to 9', make a good privacy screen, and feed lots of birds with their berries...

GraceBeading said...

such a bummer Tammy. I hate to hear of loss of good habitat for the wonderful little critters that need it.

Alina said...

Hi, this is my first visit here and I was so touched by your post. I recently went through the same horror and wrote about it in my other blog ( I still can't bear to look at the empty spot where two beautiful oaks used to be...very sad.

Janet said...

Hi I like to look at your lovely blog sometimes! Im Janet and in Houston. Im so sorry whats happened. I cant blame you one bit. Its akin to sacrilidge ie murderto cut a tree. Who has that right? Noone is my feeling. In the Woodlands (I dont live there) place in Texas you are Not allowed to cut any tree down. All the neighborhoods look like a camping site so nice. That blows. I mourn the life what whispered into your heart and the cleanliness it gave the earth...

Pursuing Art... said...

How sad is that!!! Just because?!..disgusting. Feel so sorry for the birds and critters!
XO ~me