Monday, December 21, 2009

do you see what i see????

i saw this under the snow laden picnic table this morning....something is living in the knee high snow and has a burrow in the snow that has drifted under the table-
they are two different holes-i am thinking entrance and escape holes....
i put crushed corn chips down to see if i could entice it out and see what it is so far it hasn't shown its self-i may have to try something sweeter or some bird seed-
now if its just a mole or deer mouse thats fine with me but i am thinking that the holes are just too big....and lisa if you are reading this you know what i think it is....again....
i'll give the rest of you a hit-3 letters and rhymes with cat.....if it is what i think it is i am going to have an all out FIT!!
one was here early this fall -came out of the drain at the end of my driveway and was quickly caught and disposed of
i love all creatures but if its back this time it will not be driven away and released it will have to meet its doom and i have no problem doing that!
its just another reason that i am sad about the pines being gone-a beautiful barn owl roosted there and would hunt the deer mice and moles at night and its the only owl that will catch this vermin-i just hope its not what i am thinking it is....

on a brighter note it is a spectacular first day of winter here-the sky is a brilliant blue~we have a 8" blanket of snow on the ground and the wind is howling and blowing the snow into fantastic dervishs and its cold cold cold maybe 20 but i would say into the teens or even single digits with the wind factor-i have my bedroom window open the air smells so fresh and clean-i so love the winter-thanks mom nature


Pursuing Art... said...

LOL!!! Oh, no! Hmmmm...looks a tad bigger than a meece hole! Have you witnessed anything yet? Again, so sad about the trees. The barn owl would be doing his job!

The east coast blast was amazing...have been thinking of you and knowing that you have been loving every second of it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you found out what was living her!