Saturday, December 19, 2009

its beginning to look a lot like christmas

ok if you know me you know i LOVE it when it snows and if the weather guys are right we are in for 6-8" of blowy light fluffy snow!!!
hopefully MORE if i have my way that is~
it should start sometime this afternoon and go until tomorrow
~ahh heaven, i'm in heaven :D
i have the tree lit~balsm scented candle burning~stew simmering away in the crock pot~christmas music on~ and after some o mundane house work stuff i am going to pop in 'its a wonderful life" wrap presents and drink hot choc~and then out for a good winters walk
ahhhhh life is good


Alina said...

Sounds terrific. We too are awaiting the snow and I have the cocoa already in my cup! :0) Cheers!

Mary S said...

good to catch up on your blog again Tammy... and Im so happy that you are happy.... thats a lovely snowy scene, is it in your street?
Enjoy your hot chocolate and stews and think of me suffering over here,,, so hot I can hardly even manage a lettuce leaf!

Pursuing Art... said...

*LUCKY*!! Absolutely jealous in Oregon! Love the picture looks like Christmas. It sounded like the perfect Friday night and weekend! XO ~me