Sunday, January 17, 2010

all is well~

this is a print from
it is the wonderful work of shelagh duffet
when i first saw this print-i wanted it because i had a big ol' orange tabby at the time~simon
and after suffering simons loss in june of 09 i wanted it even more
and i asked my son for it for christmas and it was under the tree christmas morning~thank you jordan :D
it reminds me of my guy simon and the title 'all is well' reminds me that all is well with simon now and this is how he spends his nights~i miss him so terribly~still
now its time for me to mat it and frame it
if you don't know shelaghs work~you are in for a fun and whimsical treat~thank you shelagh~
all is well..... :D


Lynn said...

That is a perfect print! Poppies too - can't ask for more than that!

Reflections of life and art said...

what a great print and a perfect gift for you...your son is good to his mommy....ENJOY!!

Pursuing Art... said...

I remember her is fantastic. I LOVE the tabby looking at the stars and the's beautiful! The title 'all is well' is perfect too. That was so sweet of Jordan to give it to you for Christmas, it was a perfect gift for you! XO