Monday, February 22, 2010

new brooch~using a LPA shank button~

this is a Lisa Peters Art shank button~
i was having a hard time beading around this button because of its shape~i just could not get it to sit right~being both concave on the top and convex on the bottom
it caused me a lot of frustration UNTIL i pulled out one of my trusty beading books~(thank you~YOU know who you are :D)
to refresh some ideas~ and realized i had these oh so cool artbeads toho 4mm dark plum iris squares!
the height of the beads allowed me to layer a nice wall
this is a chunky and heavy pin!
definitely made for a coat lapel
of course the brilliant color of both the button and beads just don't show~
but finally i am happy to be able to concur this beautiful button and am now waiting for more artbeads to redo the other shank button i have
still can't decide if i am going to add a fringe to it yet~
and since i have the flu right now~ yuck!!!
me thinks i will have to wait to make that decision just a bit longer ~
and a winters mess on the way for the next few days i really hope its all snow ;D


Reflections of life and art said...

Beautiful Tammy....are you going to make this into a necklace or what?
Great job........SORRY TO HEAR YOU HAVE THE FLU....too much playing in the snow ah? LOL!
Feel better lots of soup and stay warm~
Hugs from a distance...don't want to catch it myself..hee hee!

Maggie R said...

Hi Tammy
Love this piece you have done... Gorgeoso..
You have the flu?!?!
Have you been making snow angels in your jammies again!!!!
You stay warm and get well soon!
We are having a snowsorm to-day. Lucky me.....NOT!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is really gorgeous! I never would have thought to use the cube beads...perfect. Get better soon!

Lynn said...

Yum! This looks awesome.
Now, go and snuggle with those little fur babies and get well soon!

Mary S said...

sorry to hear youre sick Tammy, get well quick! this beaded shank button is wonderful, just love those copper coloured square beads and wow doesnt your camera do a good job!

Whytefeather said...

Love how your shank button turned out, wonderful work! Get better soon!

Phyl said...

Love, love, love this pin! Thanks for sharing photos......hope you feel better SOON! (And keep your durn snows "up there" in the "north"!!Heh, heh...we're having our 3rd one here in the "south" today....yuck!)

Gypsy said...

Those squares, combined with the bicones, really make it work!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this!!! love the colors! ....

Pursuing Art... said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a great job with the depth of the button, Tammy. I love that you stacked up the cube beads for the height. The colors are gorgeous!

Way to are on a roll!!!

XOX ~me