Saturday, February 13, 2010


another lisa peters oval cabs~i wish i could do them justice with my camera but not today too cloudy~and you really can't see the bead colors either...sigh...
but i am having a great time learning with the not one~not two~BUT three beading books i received for christmas this year~i need/want to be a little bolder and am taking baby steps but i'll get there :D

i wish i coud capture the real beauty of this lisa peters cab! its

a deep pink/mauve with gold swirls

i am in love with her work


Pursuing Art... said...

YEAH...Tammy!!! BEAUTIFUL! Both of these pins are awesome! You did a beautiful job!!! It's okay, baby steps work and the pins are a nice size to do! I bet your books are helping a lot and it's great you can refer to them anytime. Way to go...I'm so glad you are beading again!!!

Lisa's cabs are beautiful! I have yet to bead one! When you love the focal can't go wrong. Oh, and do I ever understand trying to get a good picture...especially on a gray/dark day! Argh! I end up taking so many pictures with hopes that I will find *one* decent shot in the batch. Getting good shots of beadwork isn't easy.

Keep up the great work. You are doing a fantastic job! XO ~me

Whytefeather said...

Beautiful pins, love your beadwork around the wonderful cabs. Lucky you getting those books for Christmas... how fun!!