Saturday, February 13, 2010

not for the timid!!!

why yes~yes indeed that is exactly what you think it is~
up out of the storm drain at the end of the drive and has burrowed into the snowbank right under the bird feeder.....
insert very very bad words here
no this will not do!!
so the havaheart trap is set
loaded with birdseed cat food and i just read that they love chocolate too
i am loosing it over this guy being here!!
from what i understand a few miles away an old factory was torn down and they did not exterminate before tearing it down and every one seems to be having this problem
he's not a little guy either
if my idiot neighbor did not cut down the beautiful pines maybe the barn owl would be here still and mom nature could take its course~barn owls are the only owl to catch this large vermin
damn thing gives me the shivers and it has to be delt with before gardening time comes
HEY LISA~this ones for you ;D


Mary S said...

Tammy...exactly what i think it is??.. it looks like someone lying on their back in the snow with a doll like face. I know you have set a trap for Mr Ratatatat... is he there in that pic? cant see him. I had a mouse living in my house wth me for at least 2 months before he finally walked into a very fancy trap that I borrowed from someone. I didnt like sharing my home with him!

Carolee said...

Just dropping in to let you know you won my little OWOH giveaway! Please email me (the address is on my blog) with your mailing address, and I'll get this out asap. :)


Pursuing Art... said...

LOL! OH, NO!! Ratatouille is back...Dirty Rat!!! :)

What a bummer to learn about the old factory and I know how much you miss those pines. You are exactly right, wish the barn owl were still there nature would take it's course. Maybe he/she is still around. The guy at the feed store told us the best bait is peanut butter!

They are enough to give me shivers too and I hope he decides to check out what's in the "have a heart" trap soon...especially before gardening season is here!!! What a bummer! I hope the other neighbors are trying to take care of them too, before it gets out of hand. XO ~me

Whytefeather said...

Oh my, that is a good sized one isn't it?! I hope he gets caught and relocation soon for your peace of mind! I wish your pines and owl were still there, too.

acornmoon said...

We had the same trouble in our garden last year, nothing worked despite several visits from the vermin control people.

Our rat had no respect for the baited traps and used them to store bread in! The only thing that worked was when our little terrier destroyed the nest by digging.

Mary S said...

oh I can see him now... that face sticking out of the hole. hope you have caught him by now, trouble is theyre getting so smart these days... maybe he looks at that trap arrangement and can smell a rat vbg.

Cat said...

We have a fruit orchard and I am all for trap and release, we even have a big one for the raccoons and feral cats.