Tuesday, October 23, 2007

california is burning...

california is burning~watching the news is horrible~living on the east coast i can't even imagine what its like out there~the a.m. news said nothing is contained~new fires are popping up everywhere~ my sweet friend noel has been evacuated from her home in southern cal. i hope to hear from her soon and am praying she and her family are safe ~and will have a home to come back to ~ so many will not~it makes me feel helpless...


Grace said...

Hi Tammy,

I've been watching the news and checking online So. Cal newspapers in order to follow the fires. I'm from Orange County and have so many friends all over Southern California. I'm getting ready to call my old workplace in Irvine to find out if all is okay with everyone there. My brother is in the high desert, but used to live near Lake Arrowhead. He was evacuated from the last big fire up that way.

I really feel for everyone that has to leave their homes and sometimes even their animals (such as horses). At times there is such little warning when fires jump breaks or change direction quickly and people have to leave so fast. Breaks my heart. So many of those areas are hilly and treacherous to navigate by foot let alone by vehicle - the fire crews have a tough job.

Please extend my regards to Noel. I hope she is okay and that she has a home to go to by the time it's all over with.

tammy lang said...

hi grace
hopefully i will hear from noel soon-she posted on BAD that they had to evacuate yesterday a.m.-i did call and leave a message on her machine-who know if its one she will get-thankfully another friend out there is ok-so far
the pic's on the news are haunting-can't imagine it at all-i hope your friends and family are all safe and sound
good to see you:)