Tuesday, October 23, 2007

mirror and bowling balls

i spent a lot of time on sunday breaking mirrors and hot glueing them to bowling balls~LOL~this is what they look like before adding the grout~which i find the hardest part~ i like the way they look without the grout too~ the small green and white one in the bottom right hand corner has a big chip out of the bottom and sits perfectly~i have been using that as a door stop~i did cover three of them yesterday and will clean them up today before i start on the remaining ones~ooooh there is a reason they call it HOT glue!!~when they are out sitting in a garden and the light catches the mirror it's so prettty:)
eventually i want to try colored mirrors but since i get these for free no need to bother for now:)
as with all the pic's i post if you double click the pic is better:)


Maggie R said...

Tammy these are gorgeous. Where do you get all the bowling balls???? From the bowling ball pixie??? haha
I never heard of such a thing!
Weren't you scared of the bad luck by breaking the mirror or is that only if you break a mirror accidentally????? Who cares eh? The beauty of them in the garden is definitely good luck

tammy lang said...

hi maggie
the bowling ball pixie is my neighbor and the glass pixie is my other neighbor:)
i think its only bad luck if you break a mirror accidently??
geee at this point i hope so-or boy am i in trouble:)

Maggie R said...

Gee Tammy you are lucky to have a neighbour with balls!!Bowling that is!! haha

Mary S said...

Your balls are looking great Tammy
I like them without the grout too...can you get black grout?
Maggie's such a character...LOL

Gypsy said...

Those need to all be in my yard, Tammy....do I need to bring cake, to trade??LOL!

tammy lang said...

hi girls
maggie you are one silly lady:)
hehee from one to another VBG
mary-yep the grout comes in black too but i could always add acrylic paint-thats on the 'to try list':)
aryd'ell-carrot cake for a bowling ball-hey now thats a deal:)