Wednesday, October 31, 2007

last one....

the very last flower that i cut from the garden before the frost came the other nite~a beautiful pink rose to end the growing season:)
the hydranga's in the background i clipped from a neighbors bush~it peeks thru the fence on my side~ so thats not considered stealing is it??:)


Carolyn said...

i love the pink rose ! And the other peaking in on your own garden isn`t stealing ! ;o)
I`ll be back to you and good luck in my draw !

Mary s said...

such a beautiful rose Tammy, and the good old hydrangers make me think of home..
Mary S

Gypsy said...

Beautiful, Tammy, and if you take those hydrangea, and let them air dry, you can hit them with a light mist of hydrangea blue, and a bit of gold, from a paint spray can, and they will last a long, long time!

Carolyn said...

Hi Tammy !
Guess what girl ??
You have won my giveaway ! If you want to email me on with your address , it`ll be on a broomstick faster than i can say Boo !
I`ll be announcing it later tonight my time !
Congratulations ! ;o)

artandtea said...

Oh, what a gorgeous rose, Tammy! A last gift of the growing season...

tammy lang said...

cool beans i won carolyns give away!!
oh lucky me:)
thank you!! can't wait:)
thanks all for the rose comments she was a very welcome guest in the house-
thanks for the hydranga tips aryd'ell but i have accesss to the blue ones too:)