Saturday, November 3, 2007

i believe this is a chapel?~its on the beginning of the little lane into the cementary~church maybe?~there is a celtic cross at the top~i did try the door but it was locked~i love its look and the wonderful stone it is made from~amazing window above the entry~there is also beautiful detail in the area framing the doorway~give me a wonderful old building any day~made with an artisan's hand and full of character:)


Carolyn said...

Hi Tammy !
So that`s what you look like !! Hee Hee ! Yes we call it a chapel over here too , it looks beautiful !
Posted your win off today too !!

tammy lang said...

hi carolyn
yep thats me:)
i am thinking chapel because its small?
i will be watching for the mail man!!
thanks again

artandtea said...

The chapel looks like it's straight out a fairy tale. Beautiful!

tammy lang said...

thanks karen:)
i am so glad that i remembered the beauty of this cemetary on a rainy autumn day-i would love to see the inside:)

MaryS said...

Nice pic of you Tammy..not a day over 30 vbg. And a delightful pic of the chapel, I can see that the leaves are beginning to fall. Must be why its called 'fall'

tammy lang said...

thanks mary-
more than a few days over thirty:)
i really would love to be able to see inside this lovely place...

Beadin' Gram said...

Gorgeous photo, Tammy.
That isn't a crypt, is it? You know, for "above ground" burial????? To the left in the photo it sure looks like it,
Jackie in Illinois

tammy lang said...

hi jackie
i don't know? tho you may be right about the crypt being off to the side~i will have to go back again soon and see if i can find a worker who will let me inside~or tell me some history-oh nosey nosey hehee
thanks for stopping by :)