Wednesday, October 10, 2007

this is my big ol' tabby~simon~ he is one huge cat! 26lbs!~the vet says he's just a big guy and will never be a size 12:) this is his bag of stuffing~i have a big bag of it in the cellar and bring up only what i need~ well he decided that its his now~he will spend hours in there kneading the stuffing like a kitten does when it nurses~needless to say that i now keep the stuffing i need in a big clean coffee can:)


Grace said...

A very handsome boy!

tammy lang said...

hey grace
he's a persnickity guy but i wouldn't have him any other way:)

Maggie R said...

Now there is one good looking feline!!!! Isn't it cute how they like certain things to play with.
I made my daughter's 2 cats each their own quilt. I put some catnip inside before I finished them. The kitties just love them and have them in their beds!
Wish I had a cat but DH says no!!!!!

tammy lang said...

hey maggie
gotta have my kitties
and i give them cat nip a lot! i call it cat~pot:)
i have tried and tried to grow it for them but have never had any success-don't know why

Gypsy said...

Catnip- needs full sunlight, outside conditions, and a bit of neglect! Buy one already started next spring, put it into the ground, or a larger pot of good potting soil- the lighter, fluffier stuff, and then only water it when it looks really dry. I only put a bit of time-release fertilizer on mine at the beginning of the Summer, then none. Harvest all Summer, but if you really want to see them do the Meow Dance, then harvest the flowers, stem and all, and let them have that! LOL!
Cut off the stems about three leaves up from the bottom, before it gets cold, put the stems into a large paper sack, AWAY from the cats, and let dry. Crumble inside the sack, and put into a baggie,in the freezer. Mark 'catnip' so you don't use it for oregano! LOL!
Down South they call what Simon is doing 'making biscuit', whether they are doing it to something, like your stuffing, or to your body! LOL! He is sure handsome!

tammy lang said...

hi gypsy
it seems when i put the catnip outside in the garden or pots- the neighborhood cats find it;(
so my kitties will just have to get stoned on store bought!! :)