Thursday, October 11, 2007

i went by a favorite spot of mine yesterday~this is what i found~so far the colors of autmn are not quite at its peak ~yet~ pretty still~that is a small pond in between the trees~and there is usually corn growing in the field where deer can be seen at dusk~love this time of year:)


Maggie R said...

Tammy these trees are beautiful dressed in their autumn splendour! Such a pretty time of year.

tammy lang said...

thanks maggie:)
mmmmm i love autumn-but i do have to remember to bring the right glasses next time so i can focus the camera better!!

Gypsy said...

You have such beautiful reds there, Tammy! Must be the sugar maples, which we don't have here!

tammy lang said...

hi gypsy
yes sugar maples:)
almost time to see sap buckets hanging from them for maple syrup-yum:)