Friday, November 23, 2007

autumn heart



girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Hi Autumn Heart! So lovely to meet you! :)

Happy Holidays Tammy, luv the pics on Ur blog too! Something amazing about trees, eh? I can't remember ever seeing anything more beautiful than the changing of the leaves. ahhh, life is good. xo, Monica :)

artandtea said...

What a sweet girl "Autumn Heart" is! I love her expression...

Gypsy said...

Another beautiful girl...enough of these and you are going to have to be featured in an article in Doll Quarterly, my Dear!

tammy lang said...

heheee gypsy
problem is the $ store doesn't have them any longer??
i really enjoy them too:)

tammy lang said...

hi karen
she sat here for quite awhile before i could get a half way decent face going-nothing like a blank face just staring and waiting:)

tammy lang said...

hi monica
all our trees are neecked now!! lol i love the them too-we had a pretty autumn and i am soooooo ready for some of the white stuff now!!'hope your turkey day was good:)

Maggie R said...

Hey Tammy, this one is a cutie.... What kind of a doll do you use from the $store? They always get moreVBG
BTW I suppose you are practicing your snow angels ?????

Mary S said...

Hi Tammy, sorry I dont think I have commented on your new ornie.
I love her warm colours and the perplexed look she has, like she would like to hang around a bit longer and is sorry that she will soon have to make way for winter.
Why dont you make an ornie fo each season..good idea?

tammy lang said...

hi maggie and mary
maggie-i use 7 inch porcelain dolls from the dollar store and dismember them and just use the torso's- whaahaahaaaa :)
mary-i like the idea of one for each season!!-i have a better pic of her that i really should post now that she has been sprayed with sealer-kind of tones down her face:)

tammy lang said...

hi miss maggie
no-no snow angels -YET-
that header pic is from the internet-i am just waiting for the white stuff to fly :)

cat said...

Another good lookin ornie Tammy!