Saturday, November 24, 2007


mmmmmm~ oh my neighbor has been at it again!!~which should i stir my cuppa hot chocolate with?
the mint milk chocolate spoon~or maybe the white chocolate orange brandy flavored one?? i think the white choc one~i love white chocolate~:)


Sherry said...

oohh what a choice!! Either would be delightful!!! I love your cup and saucer by the way!! Beautiful!!

tammy lang said...

hi sherry
that is the bone china~ 'official hot chocolate cup and saucer'~
lol~ i just think the hot choc tastes better in a nice cup:)
i decided on the orange brandy flavored~white choc one for today~
mmmmmmmmmmm :)

Mary S said...

Tammy you cant eat those spoons...much too pretty, what a lovely idea..yum your chocolate looks good enough to drink...and Im so happy to see that you now have SNOW YAYE!

Maggie R said...

Well it was inevitable wasn't it!!!
I must admit it is pretty Tammy....IN A PICTURE!!!!!! LOL
The lovely cup of hot chocolate looks so inviting..... and those gourmet spoons.... Oh my...... want some company!!!
PS Tammy have you signed up for Paying it Forward on anyone's blog? (hint, hint? :0) and Oh BTW Congrats on winning one of Grace's pins..... lucky girl...

tammy lang said...

hi girls
i can not tell a lie-
that snow pic isn't mine :(
i found it on the web!!
but as soon as we are blessed with some i will post one of my own-
i would love some company to share a nice cuppa hot choc and the lovely choc spoons-and a cookie or two
you all just have to move closer :)

tammy lang said...

hey miss maggie
oh i am sooo tickled that i came up a winner for one of graces pins!!
i will ck yoour blog about the pay it forward:)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hey Tammy has it Really Really Really Snow????????????? LOL You hot cuppa of Hot chocolate looks mmmmm mmmmmm good.

Please let me know if you are going to do the Pay it forward soooo I can be ONE of the first 3 to your site. LOLL I was tooo late for Maggies. I just learned about this today. vbg Hugs Judy

Pat Winter said...

How inviting! Would you mind a visitor? When I had my short lived tea shop (owners of building sold out) I used to make choc dipped spoons and decorate my sugar cubes with pansies, daisies and rose buds.This brings back fond memories of my short but wonderful time entertaining there.

tammy lang said...

hi pat
ohhh so nice to see you here:)
those lovely sweets are made by my neighbor-she also does the sugar cubes! beautiful dainty little things:)
she shares quite a bit of her confections with me
glad i could 'stir' up some memories for you-VBG :)
come back soon