Monday, November 12, 2007


its a day of cats~they have been nutty lately so i was following them around with the camera this morning~ playing paparazzi~anything to get out of going grocery shopping!!


Carolyn said...

They look adorable , but have the expression to me - do you HAVE to take any more pictures of me ? Get on with it , i don`t care !
Re - my post
The flower is a Hydranger , and the face is from a memorial grave stone in my local church .

tammy lang said...

hi carolyn!!
they have been a pain in the butt the last few days-so i was playing papparizzi-and bugging them this a.m.!!
ahh off to buy grocerie's ugggg...:)

Maggie R said...

What beautiful cats Tammy...
I can only imagine how much company they are. Lucky you, even if they do act up every now and them :-)

tammy lang said...

hi maggie
yes i love my cats:)
they sound like cattle esp simon the big orange one-when they get going
good to see you:)