Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i love these little birds~there was a bunch of them in the pine tree when i was trying to get a picture~making a lot of noise because i was so close to the feeder~there were a few brave ones that ignored me~they take a seed and fly off into the tree and then come back for another~the feeder had been too quiet for a few days~no birds at all then i saw the reason why~my coopers hawk is back!!~ i saw her sitting on the neighbors fence~she is a beautiful sight~i am in awe of her and just can't grab the camera fast enough~i don't mind her hunting at the feeder just hope she dosen't eat the chickadees~today is a typical november day~cool grey raining and foggy~it is a month that tends to be dreary but i like it~to me its the beginning of the winter slumber~


Carolyn said...

You managed to get a good picture ,before it flew off !
i tried yesterday to get a magpie , as i`m obsessed by them , but wasn`t so lucky !

tammy lang said...

heheee carolyn i won't tell you how long i sat out in the cold on the picnic table trying to capture one on film:)
i don't think we have magpies here? i will have to take a look in my field guide to birds..

Maggie R said...

Yes Tammy..... WINTER......... and that 4 letter word I hate.....s--w!
The good part about it are the lovely birds it brings and the chick-a-dees are so darling. We get them here in Ontario, and also get the magpies, but I haven't tried to get a picture yet... Usually when I have an opportunity I can't find the camera!!!! Typical!!

tammy lang said...

hey magggie
the chickadees are here all year long:)-i have had them eating out of my hand-if you leave the feeder empty and sit still with some seed in your hand they will come and eat:)
i have to look in my field guide to birds book and see if we have magpies-i don't think so??

Carolyn said...

Do a google image search , and you`ll see them Tammy !
We have a saying here if you see some of them ;
1 for sorrow
2 for joy
3 for a girl
And 4 for a boy
5 for silver
6 for gold
7 for a secret never to be told
8 for a wish
9 for a kiss
10 for a bird you must not miss