Saturday, November 17, 2007

precious little things

she's a cutie eh??
she is an angel bell ~standing only about 2 inches high~i have had her since i was a tot~i don't know who gave her to me or where she came from but she has hung on the tree for almost 47 years now~my older sis has one too~maybe came from a relative~pretty sure she is bone china~with a bone china bell inside her skirt~there is some kind of print/makers mark inside her skirt~but i can't make it out ;(
it makes the nicest little tinkling sound~can't help but think of the line in its a 'wonderful life'~'every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings'~
i no longer pack her away every year~ she now resides on a shelf~my younger sis never had one so a few years back my older sis found one at an antique store so now the three of us have one~ the dress patterns are all different~ mine has holly leaves~her wings halo and stars on her dress are gold~wish i knew where she came from and who made her~


Sherry said...

Some of our best treasures and the simple, small things we have had since we were children. Why hide this one? Glad you are keeping her out to admire all year long.

tammy lang said...

hi sherry
i agree with you i tend to find the most pleasure with the little simple things in life:)
i would like to know the history of this little angel bell-i need someone with better eyesight to read what's marked inside her skirt:)

tammy lang said...

me again sherry:)
do you have a blog or website??
if so i don't have it :D

Mary S said...

Love your treasured little angel Tammy. If you were to take it into an antique dealer maybe they could tell you a little more about it.
Im eagerly waiting for your main picture to change to a snowy scene...I bet you are too...

tammy lang said...

hi mary
i have given thought about asking an antiques dealer about the mark inside her skirt....
oh you bet i can't wait to change the blog header pic to white and snowy-flurries off and on this week:)
its coming!!!!